WHERE IT'S SOURCED: At Whatever's Healthy, we source only the finest ingredients from growers around the world to bring to your table. Our gourmet Fireweed Blossom Honey was harvested from the U.S. Pacific Northwest shortly after the fires swept through the foothills and mountain regions. The fireweed plant has earned its name as it's the first colonizer in the soil after a fire and is also the first to bloom.

FLAVOR PROFILE: Our Fireweed Blossom Honey has a light sweetness, a silky, smooth texture, slight berry undertones throughout and hints of vanilla in the finish. This is truly a delicious, delicate honey!

HEALTH BENEFITS: Every drop of our Fireweed Blossom Honey is real, raw, lightly filtered, all-natural, unblended, and unadulterated straight from the hive to the jar. Being raw and unfiltered means that the honey retains the bee pollen, propolis, and other beneficial compounds that are typically removed by fine filtering.

As with all raw, unfiltered honey varietals our Fireweed Blossom Honey has many healthy antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, minerals and vitamins that provide natural energy and an overall immune boost.

HOW TO ENJOY: Enjoy this amazing single-floral honey varietal in teas, coffees, layered on biscuits, pancakes and souffles, blended in oatmeal, smoothies and in yogurts, or by the spoonful straight from the jar.

Due to the unique way in which Fireweed honey is harvested only immediately after recent fires, this honey varietal is rare and doesn't come along very often. Enjoy a jar of our Fireweed Blossom Honey now before it's gone for quite some time!

Fireweed Blossom Honey

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