Organic Cashews

Raw, Unpasteurized, Organic, Nutty, Flavorful Cashews 

Our Organic Cashews are sourced from Brazil where the Cashew tree is native. This lot includes whole fancy nuts packaged in 50 pound cartons in sizes W180 and W210. In addition to providing these raw Organic Cashews, we can also arrange co-packing for private label retail upon request.

These healthy, unpasteurized Organic Cashews are perfect for gourmet gift sets, packaged for private label retail, or used as an ingredient in Cashew nut butter, Cashew cheese or milk, in trail mixes and nutritional snack bars, and so much more.

Cashews - Limited SupplyProduct Details

Flavor Profile: Firm, crisp, meaty texture with the nutty characteristic flavor of Cashews

Sizes: Fancy Whole Pieces W180, W210

Color Range: White/Pale Ivory/Light in color

Origin: Brazil

MOQ: One Pallet


Why Organic Is Important

USDA Organic CertificationOur Organic Cashews are certified Organic by both U.S. and European certifying bodies. The only way to ensure your Organic Cashews are guaranteed to be free of pesticides, antibiotics, and other harmful chemicals is to purchase Organic. Doing so demonstrates your commitment to creating products with only the healthiest ingredients and ensures your products enjoy a distinct advantage in the marketplace.

Packaging & Shipping Options

This lot of Organic Cashews is packaged in 50 lb cartons with a vacuum bag inside, which can be delivered as individual units or combined on pallets. Pallets are 2,000 lbs each. Please let us know how you need to receive your Cashews!

Packaging Options


Please call for pricing and let us know the quantity you require, packaging method you prefer, and frequency of ordering you desire. We can also arrange co-packing for your private label retail needs. We can meet almost any need!