Why Should You Do Business With Us?

Highest Quality Is Our Goal

If you're looking for the lowest-priced ingredients to put in your products, we are not the best fit for you. We know that runs counter to the marketing strategy of many companies, but we prefer to be honest about it right upfront so that we can focus on what we're good at - bringing our clients the best quality ingredients in the world.

  • Highest Quality Ingredients - We source healthy ingredients from farmers, beekeepers, producers, and suppliers from around the world who can prove that they adhere to the highest quality growing and manufacturing practices, organic guidelines, and similar stringent quality standards. 
  • Certified Organic - We offer certified USDA Organic Ingredients which means they are guaranteed to be free of pesticides and harmful chemicals. 
  • Real & Healthy Honey - Every drop of our Honey is real, all-natural, unheated, and unadulterated that retains all of the healthy enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and pollen that happy bees and nature instilled in it.
  • Lab Analysis - We provide a certificate of analysis (COA) with every order from the world's premier labs for testing and authenticating real honey, superfoods, extracts, and more.
  • Competitive Pricing - While being the lowest priced supplier is not our main focus, we are always competitive and offer the best prices on yearly contracts.

Who Are Our Clients?

Our clients insist on sourcing only the finest ingredients for their products. Who are they? They are beverage companies, creators of snack foods, craft brewers, food artisans, and more. They create amazing, healthy, flavor-rich products using our ingredients and we are overly proud to be a part of their unique stories. To help our clients accomplish this, we only source and sell world-class quality ingredients. We refuse to offer the lowest priced, bottom of the market ingredients that can be found everywhere.

If you're looking for the healthiest, most flavorful, gourmet ingredients in the world to build your next masterpiece with, you've found it here with us. Request a sample