Organic Wildflower Honey in Pails

Raw, Unfiltered, Unpasteurized Organic Wildflower Honey with a Delightful Sweetness & Many Floral Notes

This Organic Wildflower Honey is extra light amber (ELA) to light amber (LA) in color with a very pleasing sweetness, tropical floral notes and containing all its natural enzymes, pollen, and antioxidants which help support a healthy immune system. We've harvested this amazing gourmet honey from the tropical jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico where the bees have fed on the nectar of the world's rarest tropical flowers and plants.

This is a SELECT RESERVE Honey available in 5-gallon pails sold by the pallet for a limited time only. There are 32 pails per pallet. We only have 22 pallets currently available. Order before they're all gone!

Product Details

LIMITED INVENTORY: 22 pallets with thirty-two (32) 5-gallon pails each (1,824 lbs net honey weight per pallet).

Flavor Profile: This Organic Wildflower Honey has a delightfully sweet flavor that is described as fruity and bloomy, with many tropical floral notes throughout. 

Color Range: This gourmet honey is extra light amber (ELA) to light amber (LA) in color.

Packaging: This honey is packaged in convenient easy-pour pails that have a built-in handle and a screw-top lid for easy access. These are much more convenient than the typical 5-gallon bucket, and your staff will appreciate the advantages. Each pail contains approximately 57 lbs. net honey weight.


Packaging & Shipping Options

This batch of honey is packaged in 5-gallon food-grade pails loaded 32 per pallet, containing 1,824 lbs. net honey weight. 

Shipping Options


Orders are being accepted NOW by the pallet. Please call for pricing. We have full truckloads of this honey in drums available as well. We can meet almost any need!