You love bees, but starting your own bee hive for the first time may seem like a daunting task and removing the honey can also be intimidating for apiary novices. 

The solution? Our Self-Flowing Honey Bee Hive Box. This is a Complete Set that includes everything you'll need to begin or expand your bee hive project. With the unique frame design and acrylic honey tubes, extracting the honey is as simple as inserting the tubes and allowing the honey to flow into your jar! 

  • Innovative design that automates the flow of honey
  • Easy to assemble and comes complete with instructions
  • Rugged wooden construction for years of honey harvesting
  • The complete set includes: the bee hive super box, top cover, bottom board, inner cover, brood box, queen excluder, screen board, honey key, and 7 acrylic honey tubes.  

Due to popular demand, this product takes between 30 and 45 days to arrive.

Self-Flowing Honey Bee Hive Box

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