WH AutoShip Program

What is our AutoShip Program?

Our AutoShip Program allows you to schedule the delivery of your raw ingredients on a routine basis (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) and save 10% in the process. It's that simple!

How Does It Work?

Simply submit the form below to set up your AutoShip Program for the ingredients you need (takes less than 5 minutes):

WH AutoShip Ingredients


Step 1 - Select your Ingredients


WH AutoShip Frequency


Step 2 - Set the Frequency of Delivery


WH AutoShip Deliveries


Step 3 - We Deliver your Ingredients like clockwork! 


Start AutoShip Program

What Are the Benefits?

WH Pallet
  • SAVE 10% on each order!
  • Automate the delivery of your ingredients for each production run 
  • Net 30 payment terms available

Minimum Order Qualifications - minimum of 1 pallet per ingredient to qualify for the program.