Dried Afghan Figs

Sweet, Chewy, and Delicious Dried Figs from Afghanistan 

Our Dried Figs are sourced from the temperate regions of Afghanistan where this nutritious fruit is hand-picked, naturally sun dried, and packaged for delivery. Sun dried, chemical free, and no preservatives.

These healthy, all-natural, and deliciously sweet Dried Figs are rich in nutrients including copper and vitamin B6, making them a great addition to a healthy diet. Figs promote digestive and heart health, along with potentially helping manage blood sugar levels and promoting healthy skin. 

Our Dried Figs are a healthy ingredient to many chef-inspired dishes and are perfect for use in gourmet gift sets, provided in plant-based protein packs, packaged for private label retail, or used as an ingredient in many applications.

In addition to providing these Dried Figs in bulk boxes, we can also package them in 14 oz Evoh coated bags for private label retail upon request.

Product Details

Flavor Profile: Sweet, tender, chewy, and full of flavor

Packaging Options: Bulk in 24 lb boxes, Retail in 14 oz Evoh Coated bags

Origin: Afghanistan

MOQ: One Pallet


Packaging & Shipping Options

These Dried Figs are packaged in either 24 pound bulk bags or in 14 oz Evoh-coated bags for private label retail packaging. Please let us know how you need to receive your Dried Figs!

Packaging Options - 24 lb Box


Please call for pricing and let us know the quantity you require, packaging method you prefer, and frequency of ordering you desire. We can also arrange co-packing for your private label retail needs. We can meet almost any need!

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