Enjoy our collection of videos showcasing the amazing colors and textures of our gourmet Honey Varietals.

Avocado Honey
Description: Avocado honey is a pleasant surprise to people due to its dark color and unique flavor. The harvest is usually in January and February each year.
Flavor Profile: The flavor of our Avocado Honey has a medium sweetness and offers a delicious bittersweet aftertaste. This honey usually has an amber to dark amber hue with a very rich and buttery texture and a flavor that reminds people of either molasses or buckwheat honey. There are also subtle hints of avocado in the taste, but usually only connoisseurs will pick up on it.
Color Range: This gourmet honey has an amber to dark amber hue.
Aroma: This honey has a fragrant aroma that is slightly bitter with woody notes.
Certifications: USDA Organic  Non-GMO Project Verified

Campanita Honey
Description: Campanita is the Spanish word for the Trumpet flower, which grows in the tropical jungles of Mexico. The harvest is year round as this flower is blooming most of the time in the Yucatan jungle areas.
Flavor Profile: This is a bright honey, very light in texture and a mild sweetness with tropical floral notes. Its pleasant sweetness will linger on your palate for some time.
Color Range: This gourmet honey is extra light amber in color.
Certifications: USDA Organic  Non-GMO Project Verified

Mesquite Honey
Description: Our Mesquite Honey originates in the Highland Region of Mexico where a concentration of the Mesquite Plant grows prominently. Our beekeepers harvest this honey typically in April and May each year. This honey crystallizes quickly and is perfect as a glaze on meats, paired with teas, infused in beverages, and is a unique addition to any ingredient label.
Flavor Profile: The flavor of our Mesquite Honey is a mild sweetness that is delicate to the palate while the texture is very thick, slightly grainy, and almost chewy in nature.
Color Range: This gourmet honey ranges from water white when the mesquite trees are in full bloom to white (slightly yellow) when the sunflower blossoms add their unique flavor component to this amazing varietal.
Certifications: USDA Organic  Non-GMO Project Verified

White Sunflower Honey
Description: Our White Sunflower Honey is harvested from a North American species of plant in the sunflower family. Common names include 'Southwestern Cosmos" in the US and "Aceitilla Blanca" and "Spanish Needle" in Mexico. In many places it is a common weed in agricultural fields, although it also grows in grassy meadows in forested areas.
Flavor Profile: Organic White Sunflower Honey is mildly sweet with some light floral notes throughout and a slightly nuttiness at the finish.
Color Range: The color of our White Sunflower Honey typically ranges from extra white to light amber, generally appearing yellow.
Certifications: USDA Organic  Non-GMO Project Verified

Wildflower (Yucatán) Honey
Description: Unlike wildflowers found throughout the rest of the world, the Yucatán jungles are home to many rare, blooming flowers and plants that provide a tropical nectar unlike anywhere else. The combination of warm year-round climate, pristine rural areas largely untouched by man, and plentiful assortment of rare tropical wildflowers has created the perfect environment for the creation of the world's most flavorful honey.
Flavor Profile: The flavor of our Wildflower Honey from the Yucatán begins as a light sweetness with slight hints of fruitiness at the lighter color ranges and moves to a very deep sweetness with very pronounced floral notes at the darker amber colors. 
Color Range: This gourmet honey ranges from an extra light amber (ELA) in the Spring to a dark amber in the Fall.
Aroma: The extra light amber honey features a tropical, floral, almost fruity aroma that is more pronounced when tasting. This transitions to a deep floral aroma from the moment it's opened with the amber and dark amber honey.
Certifications: USDA Organic  Non-GMO Project Verified