Save The Bees Project


Honey bees help keep our world beautiful and filled with plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs and are responsible for keeping our food supply moving. We are truly dependent upon these amazing, hard-working honey bees for life as we know it! We need to help them in any way we can, and today more than ever they suffer from colony collapse, hive loss, dwindling foraging areas, exposure to harmful chemicals sprayed on crops, and much more.

Please join us in our efforts to help our partners in the honey industry provide education and support and to actively conduct their all-important bee rescue projects. These projects include:

Rescuing BeesRescuing honey bees found in and around people 
Relocating BeesRelocating the rescued honey bees to safe locations where they can be cared for 
Expanding ColoniesExpanding their colonies to further sustain our ecosystem and our critical food supply 

    A portion of every jar of honey we sell is donated to our partners to help us accomplish this mission. Learn more how your purchase can help SAVE THE BEES with us by clicking our partner links below!

    Our Partners We Support

    AHBPA Bee RescueNational Honey Board